What is Baltic Birch?

Showcases the Baltic Birch material and its uses.

What height to order?

How to properly choose the right height of wood letters for your project.

What thickness to order.

How to select the right thickness for your project.

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Product Details

  • Available for order. Ships in 6 to 9 business days
  • Quick & Easy personalized décor
  • Ribbon adds extra style
  • We do not recommend installing letters directly above a crib in the event they may fall
  • Available in several colors, and almost any size and font
  • Colors may vary from your screen due to monitor displays, click here to order paint samples

Hanging wooden letters by colorful ribbon makes a sweet addition to the nursery walls for your new baby. Wood hanging letters easily hook on a nail so they are secure on the wall. Name letters are a quick way to personalize any child's room and we offer a wide variety of ribbon colors and patterns from quaint gingham, solid or polka-dotted grosgrain, and silky sheer ribbon. Our hanging wall letters are hand painted with an indoor-rated matte acrylic paint on the sides and the face, but not the back. We offer several colors of wooden name letters, including fresh-looking white wood letters, girlie purple or pink wood letters, and gender neutral colors like leaf green and pale yellow. Painted wood lettering adds a nice dimension to any wall and we recommend at least a 1/4 inch thickness for most projects. Hanging wood letters for nursery or kid's rooms look nice and can easily match any color scheme. We do not recommend installing letters directly above a crib in the event they may fall.

We cut our standard indoor lettering from Baltic Birch Plywood, which is one of the strongest wood materials available for sign and craft projects.

Colors may vary from your screen due to monitor displays, click here to order paint samples. Ships in 6-9 business days.

Height1/8 inch1/4 inch3/8 inch1/2 inch3/4 inch
4 inch $ 7.38 $ 8.27 $ 8.87 $ 9.72  
5 inch $ 8.25 $ 9.38 $ 10.14 $ 11.22  
6 inch $ 9.13 $ 10.50 $ 11.44 $ 12.76 $ 14.67
7 inch $ 10.05 $ 11.66 $ 12.80 $ 14.37 $ 16.65
8 inch $ 11.03 $ 12.91 $ 14.26 $ 16.10 $ 18.80
9 inch $ 12.00 $ 14.15 $ 15.72 $ 17.83 $ 20.94
10 inch $ 12.97 $ 15.38 $ 17.17 $ 19.56 $ 23.09
11 inch $ 13.97 $ 16.66 $ 18.67 $ 21.35 $ 25.32
12 inch $ 14.99 $ 17.96 $ 20.22 $ 23.20 $ 27.62
13 inch $ 16.04 $ 19.29 $ 21.81 $ 25.09 $ 29.99
14 inch $ 17.06 $ 20.60 $ 23.36 $ 26.95 $ 32.32
15 inch $ 18.11 $ 21.93 $ 24.96 $ 28.86 $ 34.72
16 inch $ 19.21 $ 23.34 $ 26.64 $ 30.88 $ 37.25
17 inch   $ 24.73 $ 28.32 $ 32.88 $ 39.77
18 inch   $ 26.14 $ 30.02 $ 34.92 $ 42.33
19 inch     $ 31.74 $ 36.99 $ 44.94
20 inch     $ 33.46 $ 39.05 $ 47.55
21 inch     $ 35.30 $ 41.27 $ 50.34
22 inch     $ 37.09 $ 43.42 $ 53.07
23 inch     $ 38.86 $ 45.54 $ 55.76
24 inch     $ 40.72 $ 47.79 $ 58.61

The letter height you order is based on the uppercase letter "A" of the font you specify. Depending on the font, some uppercase/lowercase letters may be shorter or taller than the height you specify on the order form so they will look proportionate to each other. Therefore, you may receive some of your lettering in different dimensions than the letter height ordered. If all lettering is ordered in lower case, we still scale the lettering to an uppercase "A" which will make most of the letters smaller than what was ordered. Please contact us if you would like to size your lettering differently from our standards. Please see examples below

Note: The 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 inch thickness are cut with a laser which leaves a dark smooth edge that can be painted over. All other thicknesses are cut with a router, leaving a clean edge.

M-F 7:00am - 5:00pm MDT

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we will be glad to assist you.


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4.5 out of 5 stars | See all 21 Reviews

  • Awesome
    Reviewed By: on 3/7/15

    My fiancé and I love your work. We "modpodged" some scrapbook sheets over them to fit with my baby boy's room. When we will be expecting our second child, we will definitely buy from you again. We love the fact that we can custom the size of the letters as well as the font.

  • i love my letters
    Reviewed By: on 2/24/15

    the color is perfect and they look great in my sons room !

  • very good quailty
    Reviewed By: on 11/22/14

    i ordered letters for my bathroom ..BATH they are awesome and look great!!!

  • Looks Great!
    Reviewed By: on 8/5/14

    I love my S on the front door! It's bright yellow and can be seen from the street. Glad I went for the 18".

  • Exactly what I wanted
    Reviewed By: on 7/22/14

    I ordered these letters for my daughters bedroom. It was high quality and looked perfect once it was hung at the wall. The price was also very good comparing to other places and considering it was custom made. I will definitely order those letters from craft cuts again in case I need it.

    Reviewed By: on 7/14/14

    I ordered these letters to put up in my daughters nursery. They arrived a lot quicker than I would've imagined. The letters are well made and a bit thinner than I wanted but I'm glad I got the size I did, they worked perfectly for
    Her room and if one might fall they are not dangerously heavy. The bows were already tied perfectly and all the same size and it was fairly easy to hand up straight. I am in love with my baby girls name and am
    So happy I chose craft cuts! I hope to use them later on.

  • Great product! Got exactly what i ordered, color and size was perfect.
    Reviewed By: on 6/20/14

    The letters are great, bought them for my baby's room. The color and the size was perfect. Will order from you guys again!

  • perfect detail
    Reviewed By: on 5/9/14

    I was very pleased with the letters you made for Dakota Rose. Mine is a care home for children with severe disabililties. Dakota will be arriving in June and her room is so cheerful with her name spelled out in yellow letters above her bed. Everything about the letters was just perfect. Thank you so much.

  • Excellent Quality
    Reviewed By: on 4/25/14

    I ordered the letters for our son's room in our second home. They look awesome! I received the letters and saw they were very carefully packaged. The letters are beautifully painted and the ribbons are perfect also. We hung them and it was so easy!

  • Extremely happy
    Reviewed By: on 4/22/14

    I ordered Letters for my granddaughter's name. They were great quality and we were very pleased.