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14" mats can hold up to 4 letters / 24" mats can hold up to 9 letters
Starting At: $35.00

Product Details

  • Great for names, words, or any other custom saying
  • Each custom mat is available in several fonts.
  • Solid wood frame custom made to fit your word.
  • Frame offered in several colors
  • Mat comes in stylish black.
  • The text is in ALL CAPS ONLY.
Craftcuts.com custom photo mats are great for names, words, or any other custom saying. Each custom mat is available in several fonts. Included with each of our custom mats is a solid wood frame custom made to fit your word. With custom photo mats you can organize your different pictures in a custom cut decorative black mat. The text is in ALL CAPS ONLY due to the nature of this product. Sizes are 6.25” x 14” up to 4 letters and 6.25” x 24” up to 9 letters.
Custom Photo Mat Pricing
6.25" x 14" 6.25" x 24"
Price $35.00 $45.00

The letter height you order is based on the uppercase letter "A" of the font you specify. Depending on the font, some uppercase/lowercase letters may be shorter or taller than the height you specify on the order form so they will look proportionate to each other. Therefore, you may receive some of your lettering in different dimensions than the letter height ordered. If all lettering is ordered in lower case, we still scale the lettering to an uppercase "A" which will make most of the letters smaller than what was ordered. Please contact us if you would like to size your lettering differently from our standards. Please see examples below

Note: The 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 inch thickness are cut with a laser which leaves a dark smooth edge that can be painted over. All other thicknesses are cut with a router, leaving a clean edge.

M-F 7:00am - 5:00pm MDT

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we will be glad to assist you.


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  • Could have used a different font
    Reviewed By: on 3/30/16

    Used the wrong font but this one will work

  • Very good and lower price than another web site
    Reviewed By: on 2/22/16

    My daughter wanted to make one of these for her sister but could not find anyplace in Wyoming. The only problem was in ordering the frame color, web page should have the actual colors in stead of just names of colors.

  • looks great!
    Reviewed By: on 1/27/15

    I ordered this frame for Valentine's day and am so excited to see how it turns out! The frame looks great, just what I was looking for. No damages from shipping and wrapped perfectly, thanks craft cuts!